BELC Development

Bethel Early Learning Center

  Developmental Goals:

Spiritual Nurture
* Knows Jesus as a friend
* Expresses Jesus’ love in words and actions
* Enjoys singing songs about Jesus
* Views self as part of God’s family
* Knows God as the Creator

* Knows full name and age
* Sorts and classifies objects
* Likes to experiment in orderly ways
* Understands simple concepts of time, space, quality and quantity
* Rote counts to 10
* Counts sets of objects to 10
* Recognizes, matches and names colors
* Recognizes, matches and names shapes
* Recognizes relationships between objects and ideas
* Draws a picture and briefly describes it
* Begins to recognize symbols (familiar signs)
* Understands sequencing and concepts of first, next and last

Social Skills
* Joins in play with other children and socializes
* Likes and seeks interaction with others
* Shares toys and takes turns with assistance
* Knows classroom routines
* Sensitive to the feelings and moods of others
* Begins dramatic play
* Builds a sense of self
* Demonstrates beginning problem solving skills
* Practices health and safety habits

Language Understanding
* Carries out a series of 2 to 4 consecutive directions
* Understands “let’s pretend”
* Understands content of a simple story
* Understands cause/effect relationships (if-then or because)
* Understands comparatives such as big-bigger-biggest
* Shows beginning phonological awareness of sound and rhyme

Language Expression
* Expresses self clearly in sentences of three or more words
* Tells about past experiences with detail and explanation
* Repeats nursery rhymes and songs
* Learns and uses new vocabulary quickly and correctly
* Uses pronouns correctly
* Talks freely and openly with others; is a good communicator
* Speech is understandable with few developmental sound errors

Motor Skills
* Runs around obstacles
* Throws and catches a playground ball
* Hops on one foot
* Plays with construction toys like Duplo blocks
* Navigates stairs (up and down) effortlessly
* Begins to hold pencil or crayon correctly
* Enjoys paper-pencil tasks
* Completes puzzles, lacing cards and other fine manipulative tasks
* Begins to but with scissors

Self Help
* Keeps play area organized and cleans up when finished
* Puts on, takes off coat independently
* Zips zipper with minimal assistance
* Uses toilet with minimal assistance
* Pours liquids with assistance
* Eats snack independently, keeps area neat and clean
* Washes and dries hands independently

Kindergarten Readiness (Four Year Olds):
* Begins to recite alphabet
* Begins to recognize some letters in print
* Begins to associate some sounds and letters
* Recognizes name in print and begins to copy or write it
* Recognizes few simple words in print
* Begins to copy some letters or words
* Handles books appropriately