BELC Top 10 Facts

1.  Bethel Early Learning Center is Christ-Centered.  Young children will experience the love, warmth and happiness that Jesus taught.

2.  Bethel Early Learning Center is Child-Centered.  It maximizes child-driven creativity and enhances early learning opportunities.

3.  Bethel Early Learning Center is Literacy Based.  Books, stories and songs promote the enjoyment of reading, reading readiness and language development in preschoolers.

4.  Bethel Early Learning Center is a “Science-Friendly” Environment.  Young learners explore, improvise, experiment and wonder as they play and discover.

5.  Bethel Early Learning Center is Musical.  With songs that they love, children become involved in language, movement and rhythm experiences.

6.  Bethel Early Learning Center is an “Art Studio”.  A variety of different art materials will be used to introduce and encourage children to uncover the process of creative expression.

7.  Bethel Early learning Center fosters responsibility respect for self and others.  Preschoolers become more responsible as they experience success and achieve greater independence.

8.  Bethel Early Learning Center capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity.  By providing age appropriate activities, children’s natural inquisitiveness will be sparked.

9.   Bethel Early Learning Center provides opportunity for problem-solving. Children will be encouraged to explore possible solutions and achieve success in their accomplishments.

10.  Bethel Early Learning Center is Family Oriented and Family Friendly.  We desire to have you involved in your child’s education.  We welcome daily communication with parents. Materials designed to foster learning at home will be shared.